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A couple of things happening over here.

We are in the process of updating our digital to higher quality Flac files – which made me think about sound quality.


We never considered MP3’s as anything but very convenient – so the fact they didn’t sound as good as CD’s was not such a big deal for us. We remember when CD’s came out most people could have cared less that they didn’t sound as good as an LP. In the office and home we are more focused on making the system which we play MP3’s on sound as good as possible.


As a side bar to that end- there are quite a few low priced tube amps these days that make a huge difference in how mp3s sound. Highly recommended. Here are three:


In the old days, when there really weren’t formats, some people were very focused on how LPs sounded however the fact of the matter is that most people didn’t even think about it because, – for the most part they sounded fine.


There were situations when people weren’t trying to make something ‘audiophile’ but in fact did so without realizing it. The soundtrack to the first Casino Royale film is a case in point:



Nowadays since there is a groundswell of warm feelings about LPs it’s interesting that it really isn’t based on sound quality. It’s true that LP’s can sound incredible but – if you don’t start off with recording made on tape in an analog, non computer situation, you will be hard pressed to really get the warm and fuzzy, detailed effect of an analog LP.


The other thing on our mind these days is we took Eric, who now works at Luaka, over to the storage room to go through some of our old stuff. And it made me think about all the times you would see old material from some of those more established labels like Blue Note or these companies:



And how as a record collector I loved seeing that historic stuff. Eric went through some of our old debris and had that same sort of reaction to stuff like this:



And I thought – to do new things – you have to put the past in a compartment and separate it from its umami. Anyway Eric has something in mind with some of our older items. Stay tuned.







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    VOTE LUAKA BOP! still available ? (badge) we want 2 order for France destination, thanks .

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