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Tom Ze Box set

We are doing a Tom Ze box to be released this October. Box sets are about as much work as you would think they would be, what with the production of all the parts and making sure everything is on schedule etc. One of the production aspects is the making of the actual box. Today Mat and I went out to Capital Box to hand number the boxes they were assembling.

I love old factories and just watching things being made, especially at places here in the US where things are made way they have been for ever.

Here are the machines Capitol Box uses to put together our limited edition box of Tom Ze vinyl:

After Capitol Box we went to 21st Century Finishing, a much more modern facility as you can tell from the name. I mentioned to them that it was a good thing they were 21st Century, and they said as a matter of fact they have been 21st Century for the last 20 years! Ahead of the curve I guess.

Here we put the gloss finish on the box which they did in between working on a Barbie package!

11 Responses to “Tom Ze Box set”

  1. emi says:

    me encanto !!!!

  2. rebecca says:

    is a long time that i’d like to know what does “luaka bop” mean, and where does the symbol come from… although my english grammar’s very bad. thanks..

  3. Theo van Klinken says:

    I am surprised and verry happy to find out about this box great to have these albums on vinyl … thanks!!!

  4. Dear Luakas.
    we are very pleased ejoying the music of Tom Zé in this great release, but it’s been a big deception to find out that the lyrics are only in english. We appreciate the translation but we think is a big mistake not including the original texts. Why did you do that? What about the pleasure of singing along with Tom Zé.
    Anyway thanks

  5. Russ says:

    I’m currently in Brazil, meeting many of the musicians here in Sao Paulo. I don’t think there’s been one singer or musician who has not mentioned Tom Ze as one of their primary influences. The guy is a force of nature!

  6. nina miranda says:

    Beautiful photographs of something very precious and important being made. Tom Zé is “O GRANDE e doce HEROI!” Salve! X

  7. Santiago Canek says:

    there is more tom ze vinyl sets? i will be very interesed,

  8. luakabop says:

    Sorry. We did this a limited edition and that amount is now gone except in a digital version.

  9. Very nice, quality photographs. And now when I found out what “luka bob” means I am more happy :).
    It would ne good for Tome Ze to be in other languages too, rather than just in english.

  10. Firme says:

    What language is “luka bob”? It sounds interesting and even cute, haha.

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