Waldemar Bastos
From the album Angola Minha Namorada
Written by Waldemar Bastos
Produced by Ramiro Mendes
©1990 - EMI Valentim de Carvalho

I can still remember you
Sitting there in the early morning
In the Caputo district*
Behind the N’gola movie theater
In your printed fabric dress, lost in your thoughts, your burdens
Oh, your hair turned white
From those roads you travelled!
My Lady, N Gana
N Gana, My Lady

When you click your tongue, there is innocence
In your eyes there’s tenderness
Your pampering, like a child’s
An Angolan pastry, our chocolate
N Gana, My Lady

For those who go to work in the morning
She offers a smile and some comfort
Out comes a cup of Quitoto**
And a bit of kola and ginger
N Gana, My Lady

That’s why I sing to you
In my songs,
My poems, my paintings
I’ve sculpted your essence on my body
My essence, my lady

To turn weakness into strength
And sadness into joy
That’s the purity of your magic
My lady
N Gana, N Gana, My Lady
Strength, Strength

*an area between city and suburb in Luanda
**a traditional drink