Vum Vum
From the album Salalé
Written by Vum Vum
Produced by Vum Vum
Licensed from Voz de Cabo Verde

Oh Salalé my home
My true bosom friend
Only you really know
The suffering in this life of mine
Salalé, I beg you
When I die one day
Cry for my misfortune
Beneath my roof
Don’t take me to the church
Salalé! Salalé!
Salalé, oh my star!
You’re my mother who bore me
My deep peace and my refuge,
In a world that is still mine
Salalé, I wish that life were a dream,
And that my mother would give birth dreaming
And would suffer no more
Salalé, my wife,
Twin child of Mother Nature
Day and night, every day
With patience and pain we were raised
Salalé, we thought
That our land was ours
But she became the daughter of strangers
Salalé, oh my God,
Where are you hiding?
When I was still a child
We were always waiting for you
Salalé, we keep on waiting
Day after day
Come back tomorrow
We’re tired of waiting
This is all we want