Jacinta Sanches
From the album Jacinta é Mamã
Written by Pedro Ramos
©1987 IEFE

I used to live in Buraca*
Next to a neighbor
Who’s not worthy
My neighbor was no good
She knows who she is

I fought with her
She invoked evil
Upon my daughter
The donkey’s curse wouldn’t take
On the contrary
It will fall back on her

She says that she’ll go
To Guinea-Bissau
That she’ll do witchcraft
To kill me
And even if she doesn’t kill me
She will make my life
Miserable (forever)

Neighbor, you, you’re not worthy
O! O! O! neighbor
You, you are not worthy
Buraca’s neighbor
You, you’re not worthy
You, you’re no good (chorus)
O! O! O! neighbor
You, you’re no good

*a town in Portugal