Lyrics by R.N. Jayagopal
Performed by S.P. Balasubrahmanyam & Manjula Guru

I am the emperor
Yeah, I am the prince.
You are the tiny little queen.
Here we are to fulfill
Your wishes and give kisses
Emperor and prince, we gave a pair of roses.

You come like an angel
In a silver chariot.
Making a garland of colorful dreams,
Bring them to me my golden girl.
You are a beautiful doll;
Come and make us dance.
Oh dear darling, make us all dance.
You’d live to be hundred
And be happy.
Emperor and prince, we gave a pair of roses.

When you flash your smile,
I float in honey.
I forget myself
In your pearl-like laughter.
The gods have to make you happy
And keep the troubles away.
Let your life be forever,
A happily bloomed flower.

From the movie Raja Yuva Raja (The Emperor and the Prince)
(p) 1989 Empire Records