Lyrics by Chi. Udayashanker
Performed by S.P Balasubrahmanyam & Vani Jairam

Lover you speak beautiful words
Oh sweetheart,
Whatever you say is sweet,
My sweetheart’s words are all sweet.
This relationship is a blessing.
This relationship is a blessing.

Is this love or lust? I don’t know.
When we united today,
I forgot the world.
Sweetheart, I don’t know if you’re
The Sun god or the Moon god.
I am dumbfound at your love.
Let this journey continue forever.
And time pass by in Bliss.

When I saw the Cupids bow in the sky,
I had hundreds of wishes in my heart.
Sweetheart, I saw cupid’s arrow
In your eyes today.
Does the one you adore become your fan?
I have never heard words like yours,
My sweetheart, your words are sweet.

From the film Indina Ramayana (The Ramayana of Today)
(p) 1983 Sangeetha/The Master Recording Company