Lyrics by Chi. Udayashanker
Performed by S.P Balasubrahmanyam, Manjula Guru & Chorus

When you have love in your heart,
Everything is blissful.
When you are with me,
Our love talk is music.
When two hearts unite and become one,
There is a sweet melody and harmony.

What does it matter if it is a road,
Or hundred pairs of eyes watched?
Why feel afraid when two hearts are united?
When a pair of birds sing,
Is there a chain or barrier?
Steps don’t falter, when you dance in love.
You came like an angel
In a beautiful chariot.
I gave myself to you
I have become your devotee.

I plucked jasmine that grows
In the garden of love everyday.
I made a garland to place at your feet.
If life were one stage,
I am the king and you are the queen.
We don’t need colorful lights here.
Love’s like colorful flowers
That’ve filled my heart.

You have given a meaning to my life.
You still show me the way farther.

Get, Get, Get
Get, Boom!
Get Boom! Boys.
Get Boom
Get Boom! Girls.

Get your hands up in the air
Shake, move!
Do the dance and don’t you care
Shake, move
Move your feet right to the beat
Shake, move.
Rock your body and feel the heat.
Shake, move.

From the movie Avathara Purusha (God Incarnated)
(p) 1988 Sangeetha/The Master Recording Company