Lyrics by Chi. Udayashanker
Performed by S. P. Balasubrahmanyam

Dance dance, raja dance
Dance dance, raja dance

Only you were mine
I came here with the thought
That you’re my father and mother.
I hear your son’s song now
And bless you.
I am seeing you anew.
I’ve a wish to sing joyfully.
Bitterness in my heart’s vanished.
Hundreds of wishes come to my heart;
Today I’ve seen my country’s beauty.

I’ll be here forever.
I shall win you over with my love.
Bird of happiness flies.
I shall join the earth and sky.

Let stone turn into water,
Let thorns turn into flowers,
When they hear music.
Let the waves climb up
And touch the sky,
By watching the beauty in dance.

From the movie Dance Raja Dance
(p) 1988 Lahari/Audiovision