Music and Lyrics by Shoukichi Kina
Arranged by Shoukichi Kina

Hey, man! Hey, man !
If there’s a drop of sake left in last night’s little bottle
Won’t you give me some?
Hey, boy! Hey, boy!
You think I’m satisfied with a little bottle?
Don’t say there’s none left!
Ok, man! If the little bottle’s not enough, give me a big one

Hi, man! Hi, man!
I wanna marry, I’m not a kid anymore
Can I marry your daughter?
Hey, boy! Hey boy!
Marry? No kidding!
You’re still too young to talk about such things
Ok, man! I’ll wait till my hair turns white

Hi, man! Hi, man!
What a big bald spot you have!
Hey, boy! Hey, boy!
Bald men are excellent
My forefathers were really excellent
Ok, man! I’m gonna have cosmetic surgery to add bald spots

Hi, man! Hi, man!
Your beard is funny, like the whiskers of an attic mouse
Hey, boy! Hey, boy !
Laugh at my beard, but women love bearded men
Ok, man! I don’t wanna be outdone by you,
Starting tomorrow, I’ll grow a beard that looks like the whiskers of a mouse

Hi, man! hi, man!
Last night’s hooker was really pretty, you should go there, too
Hey, boy! Hey, boy !
In Chiji, Nakajima and Watanji,* I’m a big shot
Okay, man! Going around here and there, I’m wasting my money
You’re wasting your money

*Red light districts in Okinawa

From the vinyl single on Champloose, Inc.
©1977 Shinko Music Publishing Co., Ltd.
®Champloose, Inc.

Shoukichi Kina: vocals, guitar
Tsuyoshi Matayoshi: sanshin
Shoei Kina: sanshin
Sachiko Kina: sanba, cho
Yaeko Inamine: sanba, cho
Shinsei Isa: bass
Yasukazu Touyama: drums