Lyrics by Shoukichi Kina, Music by Takao Nagama
Arranged by Tito Kawachi and Makoto Kubota

Gale winds and ceaseless downpours, Okinawa is crying
Tears are streaming
*Chorus: Ah what are we gonna do? Okinawa is crying
Iya-hoi iiya-hoi iiya-hoi Okinawa is crying

The luminescent moon is forever stable
Only the hearts of people change easily

If god exists, we pray for his protection over Okinawa’s future
Ah what are we gonna do? No matter how much we pray
It will never be enough

From the release Blood Line, Polydor, K.K., 1989
©Uni-Japan Music, Inc.
®Nichion, Inc.

Shoukichi Kina : Guitar, vocals
Makoto Kubota: backing vocals,12 string acoustic guitar,
Tito Kawachi: backing vocals
Shikou Touma: backing vocals
Touru Higa: backing vocals
Jaco Dargent: percussion