(Edil Pacheco )

Sons of Gandhi,* Baudaue
Ilê Aiyé,* Mal Debale, Ogum Oba*
There is a mystery
That beats in the heart
The strength of a song
That has the power to enchant

Its brilliance is like
A spilled sun
A silver sky
A sea of stars

Revealing the lightness
Of a suffering people
Of rare beauty
Who lives singing
Profound grandeur

Their wealth
Comes from the past
From the Congo drums
I am sure

Sons of Gandhi refrain
A great people
Ojuladw. Katende. Baba Oba
Grandchildren of Gandhi
People of Zambia
Bring to you
A new sound: Ijexá*

repeat entire song
(with ’Daughters of Gandhi’)

repeat refrain 2x