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John Talabot remixes Hot Chip & William Onyeabor!


We have a beautiful John Talabot remix of Hot Chip’s “Atomic Bomb” cover that we would like to share with you, which will be coming as a 12” on Record Store Day (April 18). You can listen to it here.

Though not available anywhere in the world until a few more weeks, bootlegs of the 12” have already begun to appear throughout Nigeria (check out this photo from DJ Patrick’s record store in Lagos!). In fact, we worked with Nigerian bootleggers, Abaeze and Abayomrunkoje, to create this bootleg of a bootleg. William Onyeabor used to be bootlegged for years, and this is what one of his greatest ever bootlegs looked like. Great job, Abaeze and Abayomrunkoje!

The 12″ will also feature artists from all over the world. We hope the nice flags on the cover help represent that.

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