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Luaka Bop on NTS Radio!

A few weeks ago we recorded a 3 hour radio special for the kind folks at NTS Radio in London, focusing on Yale’s collection of field recordings. The show will be airing Wednesday, April 15, at 3-6pm GMT (9am-12pm EST). Tune in online wherever you might be in the world on www.ntslive.co.uk/stream2 and enjoy a bunch of beautiful things from all around the world, which you probably never have heard before and might never will be able to hear again.

A few words from Yale about the show: “The folks at NTS, noticing I had a lot of ethnographic recordings, asked me to record a radio show of them. Through your life you’ll find there are many parts. I had a period where I bought every ethnographic record I could find, (starting out by getting a lot of them free.) Now years later, asked to go through them to make a radio show, I realize I do have a fuck of a lot of them. So over the course of a week, driving my family up a wall, I listened to as may of them as I could get through and picked out a selection of musical pieces that I hope work for the listener as something cool and engaging and enjoyable. I start out not talking a lot because I’m no expert and don’t want anyone to think I think I am one. But prodded by the the folks from NTS I tell a few stories I know. Mostly I just play stuff I find I want to listen to. I hope you do too.”

Thanks to NTS for asking us to do this show, and to Dust & Grooves for the lovely photo! If you missed the live stream of the show, you can hear the complete set here:


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