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25th Anniversary Artist Profiles: Delicate Steve

Since the beginning of the label’s existence there have been a handful of journalists in Europe who were interested enough in what we do to visit us and talk with us about what we are doing. At times they seemed to us to be a portal for our stuff to be heard in their countries.

Dick Hovenga in Holland is one such person. He came by the office a few months ago and said, “So, next year is your 25th Anniversary, we should do something about that. We’ll do a special on our site, Written in Music. And I’ll have my friend, Inigo, a Basque filmmaker who used to live in Amsterdam, and now lives in Brooklyn, come by and film stuff.”

So Inigo came by speaking English with an unusual Basque accent. He told us that Dick had told him, “Go by Luaka Bop and see Eric and Yale, you will like them and do some films.” Since none of us had any idea what any of this would be (and I’m kind of allergic to people who work at record labels being overly focused on)… we came up with the thought that Inigo could go to different musicians’ houses, both on the label now and previously on the label and do little profiles.

We thought it would be cool to see Inigo driving up and saying, “Hi, I’m Inigo Garayo from the Basque part of Spain and I’m here in New Jersey to see Delicate Steve.” Well it didn’t come out exactly like that. Nonetheless we are pretty pleased of Dick and Inigo’s plan to do a profile of Luaka Bop that focuses on the musicians.

Here is the first one:


Stay tuned for more on Susana Baca, Javelin, Zap Mama, Os Mutantes, Bright Moments, Janka Nabay, Los Amigos Invisibles, Jim White and more. Each one will be different, some you’ll like and some might not be for you, just like the label.


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