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Inigo Garayo is a Basque film maker who has been making a series of portraits of Luaka Bop artists, both current and past, as part of our 25th Anniversary. He went to visit Jim White in Jim’s home town of Athens, Georgia and made a whole slew of pieces of Jim’s world. This is one of them:

Jim White – Bluebird from INIGO GARAYO on Vimeo.

I visited Jim White to film him for this ''25 years Luaka Bop'' thing I have been working on. Since he was my favorite guy in the label and was so nice to let me stay at his place a few days I had time to film more than the usual -improvised on the run take-. Actually we filmed 5 of these -improvised on the run takes-

Thanks to Jim White and Doctor Sadie Pratt for a great time and Carlos for the sound mix.

Music: Jim White

-yes, that car just passed by in the right moment.


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