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25th Anniversary Artist Profiles: Janka Nabay

Janka Nabay
OK Africa covers our latest edition of Inigo Garayo’s series of filmed portraits of Luaka Bop’s artists.

Janka Nabay lives in Washington DC and, at times, when he isn’t touring works in an Ethiopian food truck. He of course is not Ethiopian but instead from Sierra Leone. We had never been to Steve (of Delicate Steve’s) house nor have we ever been to Janka’s. If you ever watched The Wire you will recognize the set up here. As Janka says, “compared to what life was like in Sierra Leone, I have no complaints.” Maybe at some point there will be enough money in the Janka Nabay and Bubu Gang world to move on up. Nonetheless another fantastic explication of our little world of Luaka and the artist who reside within.

Once again thanks to Dick Hovenga at Written in Music for making all this happen.


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  1. Yale, heard NPR report about you. I’m from Reading, PA and your name is so familiar from there. Let me know if that’s you. Roger

  2. Yale says:

    Well two years later and I see this Roger, anyway I was named after my grandfather who lived in Reading Pa.

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