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So here we are

Luaka Bop has been around 25 years, which in record label time feels weird. Like we have had many lives, and many era’s though, fact of the matter, for much of this time, Luaka Bop has been pretty much the same small thing clinging tenaciously to it’s parallel existence.

So here we are, 25 years later and we decided to put some of our ‘hits’ out on vinyl. From our first album, “Beleza Tropical,” which is the only album here that we previously issued on vinyl, an album that introduced a hell of a lot of folks to the beauty that is Brazilian popular music. To “The Soul of Black Peru,” the first album released outside of Peru of this music and the album that introduced the world to Susana Baca.


And here are some of our original artists like the amazing Los Amigos Invisibles representing our Venezuelan disco dance band phase with “Arepa 3000“. And the psychedelic country music (or something like that) of Jim White or “The Hips of Tradition“, our 1992 release and the first new album Tom Zé had recorded in 10 years!

To top this all of we have released the complete version of Love’s a Real Thing, our psychedelic African compilation that introduced us and many other folks to the incredible William Onyeabor.

These are all available from our site and will be in record stores world wide, well where they like us at any rate, April 15th.

Thanks for listening!


3 Responses to “So here we are”

  1. Serge says:

    hey guys,

    just finishing listening to Arepa 3000 on vinyl and wanted to commend on you the high quality of the pressing (thanks for making it a gatefold/180gram etc …)…so happy you guys put this out on vinyl…sounds great! Amigos have been a favorite of mine for years and I’ve always wanted more of their vinyl (the only thing being available to date is the very limited Zinga Son)… y’all ought to consider new sound of the venezuelan gozadera for an LP release…I’d buy it in a heartbeat!…

    I won’t go into how your first compilation of Brazilian music practically changed my life… 🙂

  2. Tom Cleary says:

    I’m trying to track down a compilation album of LusoAfrican music music produced around 15-20 years ago which had cuts from Bonga and Cesaire(?) Evora. Does anyone know of the album name and whether it’s still available?

  3. luakabop says:

    Hey Tom, That is an album called telling Stories to the Sea and it is still available on vinyl or download, streaming etc. Thanks for asking. Best, Yale

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