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Trust the Situation


I’ve written a couple of blog posts but not published them, maybe I didn’t think they were finished or good enough or something. However now that we are close to releasing our compilation of William Onyeabor let me see if I can talk about this.

Five years ago Uchenna Ikonne, (proprietor of the Comb and Razor blog), called me out of the blue and said, “You folks released a psychedelic African compilation  with a track by William Onyeabor on it, would you like to do a whole album of his music?”

“Sounds fantastic!” I said.

Uchenna continued, “Onyeabor lives in the town of Enugu in Nigeria, that is my hometown and I am going back there for three months during Christmas, I can take a contract and an advance and come back with the music.”

Great I thought as our compilations often take years,  for one reason or another, to complete and this seemed like it would only take a few months.

Though I didn’t know Uchenna I thought I would trust the situation and gave him the advance money and a contract. Five years later here we are! Hah!

Let’s just say that William Onyeabor is a complicated individual. And though it might have started out a straight forward situation, it didn’t end up that way. Nevertheless we have gotten everything in order and though Mr. Onyeabor will not talk about anything having to do with his past, how he made this music, what he was thinking about at the time or much else we are releasing a three LP, one CD and download album called “Who Is William Onyeabor?” on September 15th.



vintage Moog console

Around our release we are working to have a few special things and some wonderful collaborations. One very special collaboration for us is with Moog Synthesizers. They are making William Onyeabor edition synthesizers and presenting them to a selection of remixers who we will be releasing work from over the coming months. The first will be on a limited two color 10″ by Dam-funk on one side and Justin Strauss on the other.

Another is a limited to 300 hand numbered edition of one of William Onyeabor’s rarest albums called Good Name. This will be hand numbered and packaged in a Wilfilms (Onyeabor’s label) shopping bag. We expect it will sell out pretty much the day it goes on sale..

More to come.

Love from Luaka Bop


3 Responses to “Trust the Situation”

  1. Benjamin says:

    How do we know when good name is released?

  2. Yale says:

    We are struggling with the packaging for this so right now the beginning of September is when we think it will be released. Thanks for asking.

  3. David says:

    I missed the limited stock of the good name album! Will there be any rereleases of it?

    Also, any recommendations for people I might like if I like William Onyeabor?



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