Zap Mama

“Marie Daulne’s soul music is as old as the Sahara and fresh as the beats du jour.

Seven completes Zap Mama’s metamorphosis from an impressive a cappella group to a cutting-edge collective that whips up a tasty stew of hip-hop, jungle, reggae, pygmy chants and global pop… the possibilities are endless.”


1. Belgo Zairoise
2. Nostalgie Amoureuse
3. African Sunset
4. Poetry Man – (with Michael Franti)
5. Telephone
6. New World – (with U Roy)
7. Baba Hooker (with Michael Franti)
8. Illioi
9. Jogging a Tombouctou
10. Timidity
11. Elé Buma
12. Warmth
13. Damn Your Eyes

Release Date:

January 07, 1997


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