A Funny Little Cross to Bear
Jim White

A Funny Little Cross to Bear is a mini-album of roadside rarities recorded by Jim at some of the country’s best record stores, radio programs, and concert halls across the world. This Live EP contains songs like “Jim 3:16”, where he postulates that “A bar is a church where they serve beer” and a live unreleased version of “Stranger Candy”, a beautiful song left off his much loved album Transnormal Skiperoo. These are songs experienced by those brethren partaking in the Jim White fellowship of song that his concerts become.


 1. Stranger Candy
2. Jailbird
3. Counting Numbers in the Air
 4. Alabama Chrome
5. Jim 3:16
6. Plywood Superman

Release Date:

February 03, 2009

A Funny Little Cross to Bear official website


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