Cuba Classics 1: The Best of Silvio Rodriguez
Silvio Rodriguez

Back on vinyl!

“Seen from the moon, our planet looks like an innocent blue, reddish-brown and white sphere. If I were a photographer who lived on the moon and shot it from there, could I really say I had taken a picture of the Earth?…For example, could I take a picture of apartheid, another of Alexander the Great cutting the Gordian Knot, another of the Mekong delta, another of a bewitched fakir, another of howitzer bursts over Guernica, another of an oyster struggling to expel the grain of sand that will be the nucleus of its pearl…I must confess that I am an alien dissatisfied with his first photograph of the earth.” — Silvio Rodríguez


1. Sueno de una Noche de Verrano
2. Causas y Azares
3. Como Esperando Abril

4. Playa Giron
5. Canto Arena
6. La Maza
7. Cancion Urgente Para Nicaragua
8. Sueno con Serpientes
9. Unicornio
10. Nuestro Tema
11. No Hacen Falta Alas
12. O Melancolia

Release Date:

September 30, 2016

Original Release Date:

July 02, 1991


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