Cuisine Non-Stop: Introduction to The French Nouvelle Generation

Cuisine Non-Stop is the first compilation of its kind, a unique, groundbreaking, 13-track collection that explores France’s newest music scene, a movement that has revolutionized the traditional chanson Francaise songwriting style, provoked comparisons to Brel, Piaf, and Gainsbourg, and brought about the most exciting new music in France since Air.

The artists represented on Cuisine Non-stop (including Lo’ Jo, Te^tes Raides, and Arthur H) embrace many of the classic totems of French music but also infuse these influences with a broad palette of sound – from Arabic and gypsy music, to avant-garde Brazilian pop, to American hip-hop. The result is something brand new – a hotbed of eccentric sub-pop experimentation, a busy blend of chanson, pop, rock, funk, dub and folk music with African, Arabic, and Latin flavors. And all defiantly Gallic!

Compiled By David Byrne


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