Disco and the Halfway to Discontent

You will remeber, of course, that the last Cornershop longplayer was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and the Brit Awards. Perhaps you will also know it has recently been hailed as an Album of the Decade by Rolling Stone and Spin Magazine. Now Cornershop have firmly moved into Clinton mode, with a completed album on their own label, Meccico Records and distributed in the states by Luaka Bop/Astralwerks.

But first, some perspective:
1. Why Clinton? Because it is a household name that no one can forget.
2. Clinton is singer, songwriter and producer Tjinder Singh with fellow ‘shopper’, Benedict Ayres.
3. Why is it different? Because they’re beats based songs, coupled with technology and ‘the knowledge’ set out to varied and different to anything you’re listening to – moving things on a few notches.
4. Meccico Records was set up in 1996 as a comfy home for Clinton releases, and will soon xpand.
5. Seven simply means completness – Clinton have just finished their first album – the refreshingly titled “Disco & The Half Way To Discontent” due out in the shops in January.

Those that have already heard it proclaim this album is a start to finish listening pleasure, for any time of the day or night, given a few minor shifts on the treble, bass & volume controls.

So what’s it like then? Musically it is a stream of 12 solid tracks loaded with decades of dancefloor influences. Each track being so varied it sounds like a compilation of tracks from seventies funk to nineties french nu-house, via 80’s hip-hop, all held together with a little humour and the advocation of “taking the disco heat onto the street.”

Uniquely it also forces the listener to think! for instance, addressing the state of music, with lines like “It is straight aces, against the crooked asses of DJ-ziz” and “TSB Rock School”, whatever the case, is dancing to fiction really all we need as we log on into the next century?
“Disco & The Half Way To Discontent” is fresh, varied, ready-to-go and here to stay. Can we say more? Well, just one thing more – As a Chicago friend said to us “If Clinton were both white they’d be as big as Prince by the end of the century.”


1. People Power In The Disco Hour
2. Saturday Night & Dancing
3. Buttoned Down Disco
4. Hip-Hop Bricks

5. Electric Ice Cream (Miami Jammies)
6. G.T. Road
7. The Hot For May Sound
8. Sing Hosanna
9. Mr. President
10. Giddian Di Rani

11. Before The Fizz Is Gone
12. Welcome To Tokio, Otis Clay
13. David D. Chambers
14. Fila Brazilia Disco Frisco Mix

Release Date:

June 13, 2000


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