DANADO DE BOM(Damn good)
Luiz Gonzaga/João Silva

It’s damn good
It’s damn good
my friend
It’s damn good
Pretty, kicking, delicious
forró music
It’s damn good

Check out Camila on the bass drum
Joe Cupid on the triangle
And Mariano on the bell
There’s my bro’ on the guitar
My nephew on the strings
And Chippy in the middle of the mess
Check out the kids on the spoons
There’s more than enough juice
There’s enough drunks to irk you
Guys are sticking to their partners like fleas
Girls are winking / And asking me to dance

What a first-class gig!
The place’s already packed
And folks just keep on coming
From the kitchen to the backyard
The accordion player and drummer
Back and forth
Hey Damian, my good friend
You can put out the lamp
Because it’s almost dawn
Hang tough on your squeeze-box, chief
Because a shindig like this
Can go on forever