João Silva/Genival Lacerda

Hey, Baby My birthday is April 5th
Sweetheart, send your present
Send it to Mr. Vava, that’s me!

I want a triangle, a bass drum
I want a tamborine
I want an accordion
A scraper, a double-bell, I want
I want some wire, a coin
A piece of wood, I want a friction drum
I want a samba bass drum, a beater
and forró players
I want some of everything that’s good and Brazilian
For a party I’m going to throw
In my backyard.
And the crowd that loves a party
Can show up
The more the merrier

Today is your birthday, Congratulations Mr. Vava
Thanks dear
But be careful with things
So nothing fishy will happen

It’s going to be great, there’s gonna be great music
All night long baby
Messieurs, s’il vous plait...I’ll go
Heat it up, heat it up, here I go