(Little Road of Zaza)
Son Montuno / Plena
Performed by El Jilguero de Cienfuegos, written by Ramón Pavón Argote

Little road to Zaza,
little road of Del Medio
let me make it back home,
while there’s still hope.

I lost my wallet
with six centavos inside it
and I think
if I don’t find it,
I’ll probably die.

I don’t know how
my girlfriend found out.
She got such a scare
seeing me in poverty,
she burst an artery
and right away she died.

While washing clothes one day,
Mama lost her breath.
And it was me in her belly
I was improvising.

She was secretly complaining
and the nervous midwife
told my mama
that she’d have a son
and he would be a poet.
That she’d have a son
and he would be a po- . . . then I was born! Oh, man!

© 1978 Cubasong Music, BMI for the U.S.
(p) 1960 EGREM