(The Bullfight)
Performed by Celeste Mendoza, written by Rícardo Díaz Fresneda

Bullfights, bullfights.
Everyone knows how they start,
but not how they’ll end.

I swore in the crowd,
attention fixed on the bullring.
The bull didn’t come out,
and the restlessness began. Olé!

Suddenly the huge bull came out
with horns a-blazing.
It pushed everyone aside.
And a cry was heard: Olé!

A very famous bullfighter
showered himself in glory
and when he got back home
he thought about the bull. Olé!

And if a bull should attack me,
suddenly and unexpectedly,
I’ll face him head on
and fight him in my own way. Olé!

© 1978 Cubasong Music, BMI for the U.S.
(p) 1965 EGREM