Son Montuno
Performed by Orquesta Original de Manzanillo, written by Ramón Cabrera

I’m going to Manzanillo Bay
to fish for the moon in the sea.
Moonlit nights of Manzanillo,
silvery shimmer of the sea,
white spray of the waves
crashing against the shore.
You hear the cries of a seagull,
and the whisper of a strong breeze
beating the sails of an old boat
with a moan and a plea.
I sing to the loves
of Manzanillo’s sailors
as they silently die inside
with each departing ship they see.

To Manzanillo Bay

I’m going to Manzanillo Bay tomorrow
to sing this beautiful refrain.
I’ll be in the plaza
all night long.

To Manzanillo Bay

Beny Moré, Beny Moré, Beny Moré,
I’ll always remember you.
I want to dance, I want to sing,
when La Original plays in the park.

To Manzanillo Bay

In Manzanillo they dance the son.
They shake those hips ruthlessly;
With what measured steps the mulatto women dance.
They could even dance on one tiny brick.

Beny Moré sang to them,
and now I do, too

To Manzanillo Bay!


© 1953 by Peer International Corp., BMI for the U.S.
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