(My Friends Play the Son)
Performed by Orquesta Pancho El Bravo, written by Pedro Aranzola Mesa

My son sounds so sweet!

Now you see, my friends
how sweet my son sounds.

I sing bolero and guaracha,
and also guaguancó.
And I feel even better
when I improvise on a son montuno.

My friends, Clodomiro, Atanasio and Don Ramón
light up the country stove,
while I pick on my tres * guitar
a sweet son montuno.

I have my palm-thatch hut
at one side of the batey**.
I have a team of oxen
that I care for devotedly.
And under the shade of my custard-apple tree,
I play my son montuno.

To dance the son,
Simply move your feet.

That’s right!

© 1978 Cubasong Music, BMI for the U.S.
(p) 1978 EGREM

*tres: quintessential instrument in Cuban music; guitar with 3 pairs of strings
**batey: open square in front of the sugar mill