(Don’t Cry to Me)
Son Montuno
Performed by Conjunto Rumbavana, written by Arsenio Rodríguez

Don’t cry to me,
don’t cry to me no more.
Mama, don’t shed your little tears to me
’cause I start to feel a little something
that breaks my heart.

Baby, you make one of your little faces,
and it confuses and upsets me.
I don’t want you to cry to me,
to tell me, “Daddy of my soul,
you’re my everything.”
You know that story’s getting old.
I’m getting grey hairs from hearing it.
It’s all lies.

You’re always coming up with little stories
about shedding little tears.
You’ve got me all confused.
Don’t think, honey, that I’m falling for that story.
You can’t fool me,
or make me lose my senses.

Don’t cry to me,
don’t cry to me no more.

(Miguelito, the mockingbird from Camaguey!)
Your story doesn’t fool me.
Don’t tell it anymore.
You know what I want,
but you won’t give it up.
(And here’s the sonero* rooster!
Peck it, Andresito!)

Only insensitivity.
That’s all I’ve gotten from you.
Not even one caress.
Which is all I ever wanted.
You were what I most loved.
I say it and it’s true.
But for all I’ve said, love,
you still ran off with my heart.

© 1978 FAF Publishing Inc., BMI for the U.S.
(p) 1970 EGREM

*sonero: traditional son singer