Performed by Caridad Hierrezuelo & Conjunto Caney, written by Rosendo Ruíz Quevedo

Hit it, hit it, hit it...

Saoco plays the conga.
Azarorí** plays the omelé .***

If Saoco plays the conga,
so can I, and I do it well.

Saoco on the conga.
Azarorí on the omelé .

Yeah, Saoco plays the conga,
and I go dancing all the way to Belén.****

© 1978 Cubasong Music, BMI for the U.S
(p) 1975 EGREM

*saoco: Afro-Cuban slang for “superb”, here referring to conga player
**azarorí: Yoruba expression used in Cuba to mean “good”, here meaning the omelé player.
***omelé: one of the trio of sacred, two-headed batá drums of Orisha ceremonies.
****Belén: Havana barrio, formerly a slaves’ quarter