© 1995 Mike Pratt/Jim White

If you like me won’t you stay a little while?
We could count the falling stars above our heads.
Will you walk with me another lonesome mile?
And if you should hear a distant voice
calling from the bottom of the well...
Well, it’s just me---I fell in years ago,
when I stumbled onto
the road that leads to heaven.

See the pretty cloud? It’s shaped just like a dove.
There is a gust of wind, now it’s a famous movie star...
it’s reminding me of someone I once loved...
another gust of wind,
and now it’s just a cloud again...
with so much wrote between the lines
you can go crazy trying to read the signs
on the road that leads to heaven.

And on the road map of my heart you are a city
throwing bright and shining lights into the sky
but this highway I am riding, it just goes on
passing by, sorry I
would love to
hold you in my arms
but today and always
I’m afraid...
Yes I’m afraid I’m on the road that leads to
heaven... .