y Caras Lindas CARAS LINDAS
(Tite Curet Alonso)

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The beautiful faces
Of my black people
Are a parade
Of molasses in bloom
And when they pass before me
Their blackness
Cheers my heart

The beautiful faces
Of my dark race
Are made of weeping
Pain and suffering
They are the truth
That life challenges
But they carry
Within so much love

We are the molasses that laughs
The molasses that cries
The molasses that loves
In each moving kiss

That’s why I live proud
Of our coloration
We are friendly shoe polish
Of clear poetry
They have their rhythm
They have their melody
The beautiful faces of my black people

Beautiful faces
Of my black people

Las caras lindas
De mi gente negra
Son un desfile
De melaza en flor
Que cuando pasan
Frente a mi se alegra
De su negrura todo el corazón

Las caras lindas
De me raza prieta
Tienen de llanto
De pena y dolor
Son las verdades
Que la vida reta
Pero que llevan
Dentro mucho amor

Somos la melaza que ríe
Somos la melaza que llora
Somos la melaza que ama
Y en cada beso
Es conmovedora

Por eso vivo orgullosa
De su colorido
Somos betún amable
De clara poesía
Tienen su ritmo
Tienen melodía
Las caras lindas
De mi gente negra

Caras lindas
De mi gente negra

I listened to the songs of Ismael Rivera in the ’70s. I liked the words, I felt that they pertained to all black people, it was like truth sung in the rhythms of the festival.

I would have liked to compose something similar with the language and rhythms of my own land, but since I couldn’t, Cotito helped me out with his cajón and we made it a landó, the musical style of Peru’s blacks.