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They say that to get
The woman you want
Only takes a stab
In the heart

I ask the reason
For this knowing what I know:
Life leaves
Taking nothing with it

And would I have wanted to see for myself
I would have seen everything
How miserable my eyes
Not having seen

If you could allot
Some of your smile to my valleys
Your sorrows in my streets
And your love in me

I would have a reason
That together with the rest
Would give me the occasion
To shout how beautiful
Love is
For him that only has
A fantasy
And the warmth of a companion
That is dear to me as life

The hearth seems better
When there’s fire burning
When there’s wood that keeps
Your gaze and my voice

La zamba passes through
The watering trough
Dancing, shaking it
So we can see her

This little bird
Red painted breast
That’s what you get
For falling in love

Zamba malató
Zamba malató

La zamba se pasea
Por la batea
Zamba malató
Bailando se menea
Pa’ que la vea

Ese pajarillo
Pecho colorao
Ese te sucede negro
Por enamorao

Landó landó
Zamba landó

Bailando se menea.....
A la mucurú
A loña loña
A la recolé
A la mucurú
A la mucurú
Eee tiritiri
Mandé mandé

description: The zamba malató is a style believed to be derived from traditional landó. Recovered by Nicómedes Santa Cruz, the music has African words that, like everything in the oral tradition, have lost significance or have been distorted in their pronunciation, leaving them now as rhythmic elements.

(*) zamba also refers to a person of mixed Andean/African parentage.