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William Onyeabor LP/CD Box Sets out 11/18!


We have only ever done one box set in the 25 years of Luaka Bop. That was for Tom Zé’s Explaining Things So I Can Confuse You. Since, there has been such a great response to our Who Is William Onyeabor? compilation that we thought we would release all his hard to find recordings in two LP box sets and one 9 CD box set. Though we chose many of the most wonderful Onyeabor tracks for the compilation album, we didn’t have room for countless others.


The set comes with lovely booklets and has a 45 with a really great remix on one side (by Man Tear in Box 1 and Peaking Lights in Box 2).  Special thanks to Yego M. Moravia, Kevin Harris, and Anna Laytham, whose hard work is responsible for the box set’s beautiful design, which we hope will make you oooo and ahhh when one of these lands in your clutch.  The LP box sets are limited to 3000 copies. Box 1 has 5 LP’s and Box 2 has 4 LP’s. There is no downloadable version, but a download card comes with the LP set.

William Onyeabor self-released 8 albums (including one, Crashes in Love, in two different forms, which makes 9) between 1978 and 1985 and then became a Born-Again Christian, refusing ever to speak about himself or his music again. Various biographies can be found online. Some say he studied cinematography in the Soviet Union and returned to Nigeria in the mid-70s to start his own film company, Wilfilms. Some say he was a lawyer with a degree from a university in Great Britain. Others portray him as a businessman who for years worked on government contracts in Enugu, Nigeria.

Now, for the first time, Luaka Bop will release ALL of Onyeabor’s creative output, 9 albums in total. Available as 2 hand-numbered LP boxes or 1 CD box with 9 CDs. Pre-order them HERE while they last!



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