Interview Subjects

Greg Belson (Los Angeles) - Compiler, gospel record collector, radio and dance DJ

Robert Darden (Waco, TX) - Gospel expert, runs a gospel archive

Willie Scott (Alabama) - Leader and manager of the Birmingham Spirituals

Annie Caldwell (Mississippi) (Staples Jr. Singers)- As Annie Brown member of the Staples Jr. Singers, singer and writer of "We Got A race To Run"

Albert Floyd (Georgia)(Floyd Family) - Head of the Floyd Family, writer of "Sign of the Times"

Keith Whitney - pastor and writer of some of the notes on the album.
Bobby, Billy, John and Gene Houze // Gospel IQs. “Houze, who said he has been pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte for more than quarter of a century, still sings every Sunday. “I sing a lot,” he said. “Peace in the Land"

Joe Peay // The Triumphs "We Don’t Love Enough"

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