Music Recorded on a Cell Phone

Date posted: August 4, 2016

db radio

Every now and then we help David with his monthly radio show called DB Radio (Boshra from the Bubu Gang recently made a beautiful mix of Syrian music together with her mother, and before then our dear friend Fitz put together this banging mix of Middle Eastern Disco.) A few weeks ago we were asked to do a live show for Pitchfork Radio, and in light of the most recent shootings across America – where the news of various horrible events were able to spread thanks to cell phones and to the fact that someone had filmed what was going on – we wanted to present a show of music that had been captured on a cell phone.

Together with David and some of of the contributors to our shows (thanks Camilla Wassserman & Joakim!), we put together a list our most favorite songs that had been recorded on a cellphone. Ranging from a band of seven year old boys in Johannesburg, South Africa, to a fantastic series of songs captured by passengers that just happened to be at the right place at the wight time (or wrong place at the wrong time, judging by some other passengers facial expressions in the background…!). We then played songs recorded by artists themselves (sometimes in rehearsals), starting with a beautiful demo Andy Noble (of Kings Go Forth) made together with Dan Flynn and Little Gregory a few years back, and a new demo that Doug Hream Blunt made together with The Messengers, which is an exciting band that we’re currently collaborating with in London. As you will hear, the set also features a new demo by David himself. Everything is unreleased… 🙂

Listen to the show here or head over to David’s site where you can also see some of the original videos where we got the music from. They’re great!

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A Very Broad Mix of African Music

Date posted: May 4, 2015

For the next couple months we will be taking over David’s monthly radio show at For the first month, we are releasing a beautiful mix by Joakim, which was originally recorded at MoMA PS1 during the NY Art Book Fair in the fall of 2013, and intended as an introduction and tribute to William Onyeabor.

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Drip Specials: Looking Into the Future

Date posted: May 3, 2013


A taste of what we’ll be putting out in 2013. Become a member on and get this plus many more releases directly in your inbox.


1. Javelin – Nnormal (“Hi Beams”, coming March 5th, 2013)

2. William Onyeabor – Atomic Bomb (Official Release Date TBD)

3. The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! (Official Release Date TBD)

4. Javelin – Airfield (“Hi Beams”, coming March 5th, 2013)

5. Jacinta Sanches – Vizinha Ka Bale (From “Adventures in Afropea 3: Telling Stories to the Sea”, coming on vinyl for the first time on April 21st, 2013)

6. Win Your Love – William Onyeabor (Official Release Date TBD)

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Active Radio

Date posted: March 15, 2011

Active Radio


1. Butterfly – Delicate Steve – Wondervisions – 2011

2. Takiti Taki – Susana Baca – Afrodiaspora – 2011

3. Toc – Brazil Classics 4: The Best of Tom Zé – Explaining Things So I Can Confuse You – 2010

4. Fight With Love – Kings Go Forth – The Outsiders Are Back – 2010

5. Dep – Javelin – No Más – 2009

6. Elaeu – Tom Zé – Estudando o Pagode – Explaining Things So I Can Confuse You – 2010

7. iotdwykiyhtbr – The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! – I Love You. I Love You. I Love You And I’m In Love With You. Have An Awesome Day! Have The Best Day Of Your life!

8. Estevez – Javelin – Canyon Candy – 2011

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MIDI Classics Vol. 2 – Javelin

Date posted: August 7, 2009

The Fader says:

This is all hypothetical, but we imagine the dudes of Javelin don’t ever leave their apartment, instead just listen to records without ever putting them back in their sleeves, recording 20 second snippets and then throwing that all together into one mp3. Nothing sticks around long enough to make a strong impression, but this also isn’t some Girl Talk memory bait either. Instead it’s just Nerds Being Nerds And Sharing It, also known as exactly why we got into this shit in the first place.

      1. Download: Javelin

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Andean Ocean Tape

Date posted: March 13, 2009

      1. Download

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three dee

Date posted: August 8, 2008

      1. Three Dee

      2. Download


1. Fast Forward Regrets – Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt – 3″ release

2. Samba Sem Nenhum Problema – Mario Local – 3″ release

3. I Know What It’s Like – Yonlu – 3″ release

4. Politicar – Tom Zé – Fabrication Defect

5. Preta Luxo – Marcio Local – 3″ release

6. Alabama Chrome – Jim White – Jim White Live Mini LP

7. Carimbæo – Naçao Zumbi – What’s Happening in Pernambuco.

8. In Yr Face Suckiness – Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt – 3″ release

9. Finalemente (Tiger) – Yonlu – 3″ Release

10. Ela Não Gosta De Mim – Agepê – Brazil Classics at 20: Anti-Aging Solutions Revealed

11. Happy Endings – Marcio Local – 3″ release 12. Allah Wakbarr – Ben Ofoedu, Ofo & The Black Company – Love’s a Real Thing: World Psychedelic Classics 3

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Date posted: November 13, 2007



      1. Valencia.mp3


1. Confusion – Nouvelle Vague – Bande A Part

2. Agua – Kassin + 2 – Futurismo

3. El Indio – Los De Abajo (Macao Remix) – Luaka Bop Remix.

4. Emerê – Tom Zé – Fabrication Defect

5. Zamba Malató – Susana Baca – Susana Baca

6. rio longe – Moreno +2 – Music Typewriter

7. Strawberry Letter 23 – Shuggie Otis (One Rascal Extended Remix) – Luaka Bop Remix.

8. Baby – Mutantes – Live at Barbican Theatre 2006

9. Plywood Superman – Jim White – Transnormal Skiperoo

10. Erectuos Cactos – Cabruêra – What’s Happening in Pernambuco

11. Bandy Bandy – Zap Mama (w/ Erykah Badu) (Carl Craig Remix) – Luaka Bop Remix.

12. Mulher Navio Negreiro – Tom Zé – Estudando o Pagode

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