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Doug Hream Blunt’s Gentle Persuasion

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

“…like ice, your butt is like dice now… DAMN!”

Many years ago, the wonderful artist Kevin Harris made this video for Doug Hream Blunt‘s “Gentle Persuasion ” – and which for unknown circumstances hasn’t seen the light of day, until today. “Wow – that’s finally coming out?!”, Kevin said when he heard his video is finally being released. “I remember finishing that when my first kid was born… and now he’s in college! God damn thats a long time.” Sorry about the wait Kevin, but hey isn’t this a fantastic video!? Doug absolutely loves it and each time we see him, he asks that we ‘bring it up on the screen’ and show it to him too (Doug isn’t much for computers, so we usually have to do “computer things” together ;)).

What magical substance did Doug (and Kevin?) munch on before going on this trip? Are those butt cheeks singing?!?! And did I just see William Onyeabor walk by on the street?? These are some of the many things you might ask yourselves when you watch this film.


The Existential Adventures of Tim Maia

Friday, January 4th, 2013

At the end of last year, we released “The Existential Adventures of Tim Maia” an animated biography of the crazy and wonderful life of the legendary man himself. Narrated by Devendra Banhart, and produced by our dear friends at SuperHeroes Amsterdam and Momo & Sprits, the video is one of humorous excess in every way imaginable: drugs, women, money, guns and even a UFO cult thrown in. Tim really lived the dream, always with a smile.


After a special screening party in Brooklyn the film was premiered online by IFC.
Viva Tim!