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The MOOG & Luaka Bop – William Onyeabor REMIX SERIES

Friday, November 22nd, 2013


In the 1970’s I had a synthesizer. It was a Putney VCS 3. It looked like this:

 Putney VCS 3

If you look closely you will see that it had a patch panel that you would use little pins to connect one part of the synthesizer to another. My skills were such that all I could do with this is set up a patch creating a sound and then, over the course of days, the cheap potentiometers in the synth would drift apart and create amazing sounds that I could never have gotten by myself. It impressed the girls. Anyway I sold it to a friend at the time named Raymond for $100, I see now in writing this they go for $12,000!!! Yikes.

A slight bit after the release of the Putney, Moog released the Mini Moog synth. This revolutionized the use of synthesizers in performing music as there were no longer those weird and hard to use patch bays to create sounds. Also it was a much better made piece of equipment then my Putney.

As you can imagine, it is an amazing honor for us to be able to work with the Moog Music Company on our Onyeabor release. At times we have gone to different companies to say “Here is a project we are working on, would you be interested in working on it with us?”. Usually they just don’t get it. Moog did! Since the summer, Moog and Luaka Bop have been in communication with electronic musicians, bands and DJ’s to develop a unique series of remixes and covers that would shed new light on Onyeabor’s idiosyncratic funkiness, as well as highlight his extraordinary use of Moog synthesizers. Here is a video Moog made with us to announce the series:

In order to effectively pursue this project with the Moog stamp of awesomeness, they’ve created custom William Onyeabor models of the Little Phatty and Moog Minitaur! Check out these photos:

Moog Atomic Bomb Minitaur

Moog Atomic Bomb

Here are the first three release remixes; Joakims amazing rework of Good Name:

Joakim “Good Name” remix premiered on Fader!!

And the legendary Scientist’s take on Body and Soul:

Scientist “Body & Soul” remix on The Quietus!!

Policy’s remix of “Something You’ll Never Forget”
Policy “Something You’ll Never Forget” remix on XLR8R!!