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Calling all musicians in NYC, LA & New Orleans!

Thursday, August 4th, 2016



Any time we get to speak about Doug Hream Blunt, we often get lost in saying what an incredibly sweet and warm person he is. He really is the sweetest and most gentle person we’ve ever met!

That now said, we can tell you about a new project we’re working on with Doug: In partnership with Martin Guitar & Ace Hotel, we are calling all musicians, no younger then 12 years of age, who live in in New York, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Doug is coming here to play shows and we’d like to invite you to join a band to play with him. Do you play music? Are you older than 12 :)? We’d love to hear from you!

We did this project in London earlier this summer and it was so much fun! Doug played two shows at a fantastic festival called Field Day. For the first show he played with a band formed via craigslist. For the second show, he wrote new songs with a 30-piece band called The Messengers.

Please visit for more info 🙂

Hope to hear from you soon!


Luaka Bop

Music Recorded on a Cell Phone

Thursday, August 4th, 2016
db radio

Every now and then we help David with his monthly radio show called DB Radio (Boshra from the Bubu Gang recently made a beautiful mix of Syrian music together with her mother, and before then our dear friend Fitz put together this banging mix of Middle Eastern Disco.) A few weeks ago we were asked to do a live show for Pitchfork Radio, and in light of the most recent shootings across America – where the news of various horrible events were able to spread thanks to cell phones and to the fact that someone had filmed what was going on – we wanted to present a show of music that had been captured on a cell phone.

Together with David and some of of the contributors to our shows (thanks Camilla Wassserman & Joakim!), we put together a list our most favorite songs that had been recorded on a cellphone. Ranging from a band of seven year old boys in Johannesburg, South Africa, to a fantastic series of songs captured by passengers that just happened to be at the right place at the wight time (or wrong place at the wrong time, judging by some other passengers facial expressions in the background…!). We then played songs recorded by artists themselves (sometimes in rehearsals), starting with a beautiful demo Andy Noble (of Kings Go Forth) made together with Dan Flynn and Little Gregory a few years back, and a new demo that Doug Hream Blunt made together with The Messengers, which is an exciting band that we’re currently collaborating with in London. As you will hear, the set also features a new demo by David himself. Everything is unreleased… 🙂

Listen to the show here or head over to David’s site where you can also see some of the original videos where we got the music from. They’re great!